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“Hypnodontics will add great value to my practice, where we strive to give optimal dental care with comfort and in a friendly environment. We’ll do anything we can to make our patients more comfortable.”

  Isabel C. David, DDS. APC. Encinitas, CA

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  • Make your patients comfortable enough to show up!
  • Influence your patients to want the treatment they need.
  • Communicate effectively with anyone you talk to.

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In HYPNODONTICS You’ll Learn How To Make Your Patients Comfortable With Just Words

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  • The best way to develop an extremely useful skill that will skyrocket your effectiveness in all personal and professional interactions. Pg. 5
  • The secrets to building a sustainable practice, where patients show up because they want to be there. Pg. 8
  • ​A practical and usable definition of hypnosis and how this book can help you influence anyone you talk to, even outside of the dental practice. Pg. 11
  • ​Exactly what words to use to help a swollen (hard-to-anesthetize) patient prepare and to boost the numbing effect of the anesthetic. Pg. 15
  • ​How to use the “pace, pace, lead” pattern to deliver powerful suggestions to the people you talk to. Pg. 21
  • How to use your patients’ own trigger words to help them take action and do what’s in their best interest. Pg. 24
  • ​All about synesthesia and how to use it in your conversations to and give anyone listening a more meaningful experience. Pg 28
  • ​The non-verbal pacing technique that helps you build rapport instantly with anyone you communicate with, before you even talk to them… Pg. 33
  • The relationship between our thoughts and the results we achieve in life and how to hack into the pattern to get the desired results from yourself and others around you. Pg 37
  • ​How to properly pull the strings of motivation to get someone to act on their wants and needs. Pg 39
“I trust you’ll take away from this book practical pieces you can incorporate with your patients immediately, and to see the potential for more with additional training and practice.”
Scott Sandland, CHt. Founder of and HypnothoughtsLive,
(the largest hypnosis conference in the world)

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You’ll also learn pain relief techniques and my hypnotic confirmation and patient reactivation phone scripts…
and so much more!

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“The tools Mr. Acosta has offered are valuable in the dental office and any area of life. Dental professionals who choose to master these skills will enhance their financial success, facilitate clear client communication and help patients get what they want while maximizing their bottom line.”

Dr. Richard Nongard

“Without a doubt, this book can help every single dental office. Read it. Study it. Then reread it. It works.”

Marvin Pantangco, DDS

“As a clinical dental hygienist and hypnotherapist I am so thrilled Juan Acosta has written this book. His knowledge and use of “hypnotic language” in dentistry provides dental professionals the right practical tools to be more successful in all arenas of their work. Read it, apply it and watch your success unfold.”

Jackie Foskett, RDH, C.Ht.
The History Of This FREE Hypnosis Book…

In 2006 I heard about NLP and became instantly enthralled… I had been a self-help junkie for well over a decade but not until then had I made the connection about the importance of efficient and predictable communications in my work and life in general.

Fast forward to when I wrote and launched HYPNODONTICS in 2014, after working (as a hypnotist) inside multiple dental practices… I did it because I saw a tremendous lack in gentle and effective people handling when dealing with patients and clients.

I saw money flying out the door at many practices and I watched them bang their head against the wall in frustration about patients not showing up…

I heard dentistry professionals effectively eliminate the effect of (what would be) powerful chemical anesthesia just by saying the wrong things… 

I witnessed anxious patients say no to a treatment plan presentation, only to go to another dentist who would treat them better… to get the same work done!

I found that a HUGE percentage of dental patients would benefit from some simple and usable hypnotic skills, yet nobody was teaching THAT to dentistry professionals!

I got a taste for what “Dentistry” has been doing wrong… and better yet, I designed ways to make it right… and wrote about them.

In one dental clinic I managed, we were able to dramatically reduce no-shows and cancellations… just by making some minor adjustments to what we said on the initial phone call…

In another one, we were able to maneuver through a very difficult and potentially expensive situation and come out with just a minor scratch…

In yet another elite practice we were able to get multiple video testimonials from happy patients which helped this single-doc practice break the $1M mark!…

So the skills you’ll get from this FREE hypnotherapy book will serve you in every area of life… it’s the kind of clear, well organized, concise book about hypnosis I wish I had read when I first learned about this back in 2006… it would have been an awesome primer and would have shortcut my learning by at least a couple of years.

I then decided to write about my findings and publish them, and started traveling around the US to speak about it at dental and hypnosis trade conferences.

HYPNODONTICS launched at the HypnoThoughts Live 2014 conference and became an instant #1 hypnotherapy best-seller on kindle and it has remained on the top 100 list since.

So I trust you’re now ready to read this hypnosis book and put into practice the language of ethical influence for your own benefit and the benefit of anyone you talk to.

If you’ve ever wondered: what is hypnosis… how does hypnosis work… or how to hypnotize someone, this book will give you that and much more.

Ok… enough bragging… and enough everything… just get this FREE book and learn some hypnosis, will you!? Let’s gooooooo!

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“Even if you apply only one technique from Juan Acosta’s book, you’ll find dramatic improvements in your practice – but of course, you’ll want to learn all the communication methods he teaches to truly transform your patients’ experience of dentistry.”

James Hazlerig, MA, CHP

“Juan Acosta is able to blend the art of clear communication with patient leadership to influence the patient’s desire for dental excellence and willingness to pay for it. People do not “need” a smart phone, they want a smart phone. Juan transforms patients’ “low level need” for dentistry into a “want” for it.”

Evan Harris, Patterson Dental

“This book belongs in the hands of dental professionals everywhere. It will revolutionize the way you work with clients. In an easy to read and follow format you’ll learn some of the secrets of professional hypnotherapists and how to apply them effortlessly and effectively in your practice.”

Michael Watson, C.Ht.

“Hypnodontics does a great job of illustrating how dentists can effectively apply the language of ethical influence to help produce more comfortable patients and more profitable treatment plans. From case presentation, to call handling, to helping anxious or fearful patients achieve optimal oral health, your entire team will be well-served by reading this book.

Chris Barnard, Managing Partner, Social Dental Network

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